This blog is about bats — flying mammals, that is. I’ve been watching, photographing, logging, recording and otherwise “stalking” the bats in my backyard for a couple of years now, and I thought I’d share some of what I’ve seen and heard.

Posts will be of several sorts: pictures, mostly night time shots grabbed from video frames, audio recordings of bat sounds (both audible and inaudible), and data about bat activity — lots and lots of data.

Perhaps Karaoke is stretching it but to me, bats do “sing”, at least sort of.

First, they make plenty of audible chirps and clicks and squawks during the day in the bat house.

Second, and more famously, bats use bio-sonar to echolocate. Basically they make really loud, very high-pitched sounds, listen for the return echos from objects and potential prey, and then navigate appropriately toward or away from obstacles.

I hope you will enjoy what we post here, and I hope that you’ll come to better understand and appreciate these most “mis-underestimated” of animals.

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